Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Handicap WTF?

A recent visit to the local Wally World produced 3 handicap WTFs in the space of just a few minutes ...

A lady, at least 400 pounds worth, draped over a mobility scooter. You can barely see that there is a scooter underneath. The back tires are flat from all the weight. She looks like she is in her pajamas/home tent. My problem is not her weight, or the offensive clothing ... it is the overpowering stench that keeps everyone at least 20 feet away from her. Really disgusting.

A handicapped young man, also in a mobility chair. A high performance mobility chair. This person has obvious mental issues as well as physical. There is a hand written sign hanging off the back of the seat reading 'I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying'. He is flying through the aisles, and clips my leg as he motors past me. I watch him, he's just speeding up and down the aisles, running people and shopping carts off into the proverbial ditch. He has a Wally World employee badge. While I applaud Wally World for employing the handicapped, this man is a menace, and is going to get them sued.

In the parking lot, a newer model Cadillac is sitting in a handicap spot. It has a temporary handicap tag hanging from the mirror. The person getting into it is tall, black, wearing a long blonde caucasian wig, skin tight jeans, heels that are at least 5 inches tall, and has a fully stuffed (with something) bra. The person is obviously male (or at least was) as indicated by the huge Adams apple protruding from the throat. My issue is not with the obvious, but with the handicap tag - if this person has a handicap, it is one of a mental nature. Walking on those heels with no problem tells me that there isn't a physical issue. I wonder if a police officer would have dared write this person a ticket for misuse of a handicap tag ...

There is just so much cheap entertainment you can get from walking into one of those stores!

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