Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Obama Turning Chinese?

During the few minutes I was able to stomach watching Obama's State of the Union speech, I noticed something. His skin was yellow. I turned from Fox, to CNN, to ABC, to CBS, to NBC. Every camera, every feed showed him with a decided yellow tinge to his skin color. By contrast, Biden and Boehner in the background looked normal, so it didn't appear to be a color problem with the cameras.

I don't mean this as a racist statement. It is merely an observation that our President looked a lot more Asian than black last night. On purpose?

I've noticed in most of the still photos posted on-line that the skin tones are more 'realistic'. Photoshopped - maybe? However, go look at some of the raw video feeds at the news sites, or youtube, and see what you think.

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dakotas5 said...

There are people out there that say he's the Manchurian Candidate.