Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jerry's Super Scam

Jerry Jones's infatuation with hosting the Super game in a couple of weeks is getting ridiculous. Those of you not in the DFW area may not have heard this.

Jones is bound and determined to have this Super game set records for attendance, and anything else he can get hold of. He wants it to be the biggest, to help justify Jerry World. Now, I understand that, but it is reaching a really stupid level now.

Tickets are going to be sold for $200 each. These tickets will allow you to stand in the parking lot outside of the stadium during the game. You won't get in. You won't get a seat. You won't even get a program.

Jerry's folks and the NFL are going to count these tickets as part of the official game attendance.

What a scam! Talk about a record that needs an asterick beside of it!

Notice I said Super game. The actual words S.B. are copyrighted by the NFL. If you don't pay to be the official something of the S.B., you risk prosecution for infringement if you use the words.

Update - A prayer, if I may ...

Oh Lord, please let Green Bay beat Chicago this weekend.

It's not that I care for the Packers.

I just don't want Obama to come here with the Bears.


Echoes said...

Your wish has come true now lets hope Steelers lose too. I don't want to see them win yet anotehr Super Bowl to be two up on everyone else.

Margot said...

1/23/11 @ 6:16 pm (florida time) I guess you can now breathe a sigh of relief! No Obama coming your way!