Friday, January 21, 2011

MTV - Where Did It Go Wrong?

I actually am old enough to remember when MTV signed on. I remember watching it on that frirst day of programming, and for years afterwards. You had rock music videos, introduced by VeeJays, 24 hours a day.

Then MTV started branching out, and the music started dying off. Offshoot channels appeared, and they sucked just as much.

Now, we have MTV showing disgusting shock programs, designed to influence our kids. The new 'Skins' should be banned from television. Programs that glorify teen pregnancy, single parenting, sexual misconduct, promiscuity, drug and alchohol use, and rage against parents and persons in authority are all you ever see on that channel. If you haven't looked at it lately, go there - see what is being fed to our kids. See what is influencing them. You go to its offshoots, and all you see there are rappers and hoes hollering about their bling, their guns, their money, their cars, their bitches, etc.

In this age where liberals in and out of our government are screaming at the FCC to censor conservative media, this crap is touted as perfectly acceptable freedom of speech.

It is no wonder so many of our kids are so incredibly f**ked up.

What can't we go back to the days when MTV actually had music on it, and a few quality educational programs, such as this:

Update - I tried to watch an episode of 'Skins' on MTV, just to see what the outrage was about. Boy, do I understand now. From the few minutes I was able to stand it, here is what I saw. Child actors, representing younger high school students. They look like 14-15 year olds. Two kids emply a liter vodka bottle while riding a merry go round on the playground. One kid in the cafeteria so out of it on hard drugs (as defined by the kids around him) that he can't even hit his own mouth with a candy bar. One of the main girls, a self professed 'dyke', shouting out in school that "I screw girls ... so what?". Said dyke takes another underage girl home to sleep with her, in her family's house, and introduces her to her father on their way out. Said dyke experiments with a 'cool guy' in casual, unprotected sex. Most of the conversation between characters is about getting stoned, drunk, or laid. And these are supposed to be 14 and 15 year olds!

This program is disgusting. It is targeted at young teens, and is nothing but shock. The underlying messages are that it is not only acceptable to be drunk, stoned, gay, and/or promiscuous, it is very cool to do so.

It appears that this program is going to die a quick death. Advertisers are running away from it. If you are interested, watch an episode before it goes away. See what MTV feels is perfectly acceptable to force feed to our kids.

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