Friday, January 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Michelle Obama

Dear Ms. Obama;

You have positioned yourself as a champion of children's causes, which is a noble position for this nation's First Lady. Your efforts, particularly in the area of nutrition, have made it clear that you believe you know what is best for our children - much more so than we, their parents.

In this capacity as Parent-in-Chief, I ask for your guidance in how to deal with the following situation:

The unbridled hatred that the left in this country views Conservatives with, in particular members of the so-called Tea Party, has led to your husband (and the top Democrat leaders in both houses of Congress, the head of the Democrat National Committee, numerous other Democrat elected officials, and too many left wing political pundits and 'news' people ot mention) to refer to these people as 'Tea Baggers".

Tea Bagger is a horrendlously offensive term. To refer to someone as a Tea Bagger is to hurl one of the most vulgar, vile insults at them. It is hate speech. Yet your husband, the President of the United States, has used this term in a televised interview and in discussions with Democrat lawmakers and members of his own staff. The term is thrown about on news programs and in print so often that is has become commonplace. People who have no idea what it means are picking it up and using it to describe members of the Tea Party - without knowing the awful, disgusting insult of which they are actually speaking.

My question to you is this ... when our children come to us, their generic parental units (since the Federal Government has officially determined that mother and father are no longer acceptable terms) and ask us what 'Tea Bagger' means, what do we tell them?

What is the official left wing controlled Federal Government definition of 'Tea Bagger'? What do we tell our children when they ask what your husband is talking about?


A card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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Margot said...

I have one son (who could stand to gain a few pounds) who is happiest when he has eaten POTATOES in some form at least three times a day - his favorite are McDonald's hashbrowns with lots of SALT. All I have heard since Christmas is the constant barrage of Modern Warfare Black Ops in between lacrosse and soccer games. With four boys McDonalds loves to see me coming. I get a Happy Meal for the dog just to support the cause. MY children are not obese, they get plenty of exercise in the sport of their choice. It would be nice if gas prices went down so I could continue to cart my kids to all their various sports activities! Only concern I have is the wretched PUBLIC schools they are attending - Ms. Obama can butt out of how this MOTHER raises her children but I would love for something to be done about the teachers union and Department of Education! Maybe if the Obamas put those "nice girls" in the public high school over in Daytona Beach for a week she would find something more important to do with her time and energy than tell me what to feed my children.