Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bowl Season Silliness

There are just too many college football bowl games. From a week before Christmas to a week and a half after New Years day, we are bombarded with meaningless bowl games with marginal football teams clogging up the TV channels.

It used to be so simple. Bowl games were on January 1. They started very early, with the Cotton Bowl, and they ended very late with the Rose Bowl. You had 8-10 teams playing, most of which would be nationally ranked in the top ten. The mythical National Champion would be crowned the next day in the polls, based upon the results of those bowls.

Now we've got the BCS, and it truly sucks. Now we've got corprate sponsorships run amok, sprouting all these no name bowls. The National Champion won't be crowned until the middle of January.

A prime example in my local area occurred on Jan. 1, and will conclude on Jan. 7.

The TicketCity Bowl took place on Jan. 1, in Dallas. Texas Tech played Northwestern in the Cotton Bowl. (Tech won, but that is besides the point of my argument.) The game was played on New Years Day, in the Cotton Bowl, but it wasn't the Cotton Bowl.

The Cotton Bowl will be held on Friday, Jan.7. LSU will play Texas A&M. The game will be played at Jerry World, in Arlington, TX.
Wait just a damn minute ... The Cotton Bowl isn't going to be played in the Cotton Bowl, and it isn't going to be played on New Years' Day?

But there was a Bowl game played in the Cotton Bowl on New Years' Day ... but it wasn't the Cotton Bowl?

How freaking stupid ...

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