Monday, July 26, 2010

What If North Korea Goes Off The Deep End?

Kim Jong Il and his slave nation of North Korea are just plain insane. They are obsessed with pushing South Korea and the US as far as they possibly can. They hoodwinked the Clinton Administration into letting them develop nuclear weapons without interference. They are convinced they can win a war - the price paid in lives on their side, never mind our side, is of no concern to them.

The Korean Peninsula has been at war since 1950 - no armistice was ever signed at the 'end' of the Korean War. Irregardless of the Cold War, East/West Germany, the Middle East ... it doesn't matter - Korea has been the most voliatile, dangerous flashpoint in the world.

North Korea's leaders have held an iron boot on their population, and have brainwashed them - they are perhaps the most dedicated, strict, structured Communist nation the world has ever known.

Acts of aggression have been commonplace between the two Koreas for decades. The North pushes, the South pushes back. In perhaps the greatest escalation of this aggression, North Korea sunk a South Korean corvette a couple of months ago, with the loss of 46 South Korean sailors. Conclusive evidence of this was found from fragments of a North Korean torpedo found in the wreckage. North Korea denied, and accused the South of sinking its own ship in order to manufacture a crisis.

As a show of force, the US has sent the carrier USS George Washington to South Korean waters to hold joint exercises with our allies. The message is not subtle. The North has threatened the use of nukes in response to the exercise.

As a wimpy wet noodle of a diplomatic response to the sinking, Obama's regime has pretty much done nothing - a few more meaningless sanctions, and another resolution from the UN saying 'Bad North Korea'. More Obama foreign policy - do nothing, appease everyone, suck up to our enemies. Now, to be fair - it's not an easy position to be forceful in. North Korea is not going to recognize or respond to anything short of war.

My question is this (and I truly hope that it is nothing more than hypothetical) ...

What if Kim goes off his rocker (even more), and orders a nuke strike on the Washington from the same sub that sank the South Korean ship? What will the UN do? What will the US do? I know what the South Koreans will do - they will hit the North with everything they have, unless the US stands in the way. Very scary thought - not just for the initial death and destruction, but for the response that would come from our totally incompetent Appeaser-in-Chief.

Photo - USS George Washington, off the South Korean coast - US Navy photo

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