Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama's DoJ AWOL Again - Part II

Meet self named King Shamir Shabazz. This is the leader of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia. This is the man who was caught on camera trying to intimidate white voters during the 2008 election. This is the man Eric Holder decided not to prosecute for the intimidation, when the case was a slam dunk guilty verdict. This is the man who continues to spit out the most vile racist hatred you've ever heard.

If this man were white ... and if he was spitting out this vile hate speech over and over ... and if he was trying to incite violence based soley upon race ... Obama, Holder, the Congressional Black Caucus, and every other Democrat worth his title would be front and center on TV demanding his arrest, conviction, and immediate incarceration. Obama himself would be leading the charge - as he has done so in the past. But Shabazz is black, and we hear nothing ....

So, why is King Shabazz still walking the streets? Why isn't he in a Federal Pen serving time for voter intimidation? Why aren't Obama and Holder publicly, loudly denouncing him? Why isn't he in court facing charges of hate speech, and inciting violence?

You know the answer ... people spitting out this hate are being encouraged by the Obama Administration's refusal to denounce and/or prosecute them. By his inaction, Obama is endorsing their statements - whether he wants to or not. Now, to be clear - I don't expect Barack Obama to say these things - but I do expect the President of the United States and his Department of Justice to prosecute clear violations of the law, no matter what the race of the offender.

There are people out there, unfortunately, of all races and religions who are just as vile, just as evil as Shabazz. They should all be treated equally. No one should be allowed to do this. Federal Laws prohibit this. I don't care if you are white, black, purple, green, whatever ... The fact that he has apparently got a pass because of his skin color is just as heinous an example of racism as the man's speech itself.

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