Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illegals Will Be Covered Under Obamacare

Despite repeated promises to all of us that Obamacare would not be extended to cover illegal immigrants, it will - if Democrats have their way.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (I didn't even know there was one) is moving to add coverage for illegal immigrants into the upcoming immigration reform legislation, that is now being worked on by both the Senate and House. Remember, according to Democrats, the only acceptable immigration reform is to grant citizenship to all the illegals already here. Once they are granted any kind of status, they will be automatically eligible for free government provided healthcare (except it isn't free - we, the tax payers, pay for it). Many illegals already get free healthcare from us - just go into any emergency room in America, and you will find illegals lined up for all kinds of healthcare - the emergency rooms are forbidden from refusing them whether they can provide ID, insurance, payment ...

Obama knew all of this was coming, it was part of his plan. He straight out lied to us repeatedly in order to get what he wanted - a tried and true Obama method of operation. I don't think he can tell the truth - he's got some kind of mental disorder that prevents it.

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