Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Democrat FUBARs Of The Week

Obama and his minions have given us a lot of WTFs this past week or so. There are so many, I'm just going to highlight them:

1) Obama has directed the head of NASA to change the main focus of the organization. Now, NASA is tasked with making the Muslim world feel good by praising their incredible, critical contribution to space exploration. So, in less than a year, Obama has stripped NASA of its primary mission, made it a slave to the Global Warming scam, and now an appeaser to the Muslim world. Two questions. First, does NASA report to the President, or Congress? Who does it take direction from, who controls its budget? Second, if there wasn't enough money for NASA to do its primary job, why is there enough money for it to do someone else's jobs?

Congress ought to be blowing a gasket over this. Charles Bolden, head of NASA, ought to be screaming at the top of his lungs, and resigning in protest. (His background would indicate that he would do the honorable thing.) Instead, Bolden has become an Obama koolaid drinking lap dog.

I truly feel sorry for the thousands of folks who have worked for NASA. To lose your mission, to lose your job, to lose you life's work because of the lunatic ravings of Obama has got to be painful. To see him make a joke out of the Agency has just got to make them sick ...

2) Joe Biden, proclaiming to the world during his summer tour of Iraq and Afghanistan that Obama's policies won the war in Iraq. Of all the ignorant, self centered, sickening, arrogant statements this fool has made over the years, this might be the worst. I think God was trying to get him when he spoke that crap, by directing rocket attacks against the Green Zone while Biden was there.

3) Obama's DoJ, for filing suit against Arizona over the immigration flap. I welcome this suit, which I figure will be fasttracked to the Supreme Court. Any ruling made in a lower court will be meaningless. Eric Holder's filing actually is good in one respect. It narrows the scope of the argument to whether Arizona can usurp Federal law. The suit claims that only the Federal government can make any law regarding immigration or border enforcement, that Arizona has no authority under the Constitution to pass their law. There are no mentions of racism or rights violations in the suit - mainly because there haven't been any, since the law is not in force yet.

The Supreme Court, I predict, will vote 5-4, straight down Conservative/Liberal lines, in favor of Arizona. I may be surprised, however. If they do what they are supposed to, they will rule strictly on the Consitutional issue - Federal vs. States Rights.

4) Obama's DoJ, again. Remember those Black Panthers who were filmed intimidating voters during the 2008 election? Remember Holder ordering the dropping of charges against the two? Someone who was on the inside has come forth and states that there was pressure from Holder himself to drop the cases, because the defendants were black and the 'victims' were white. Racial politics, in other words, played out at the highest levels in the land. Most everyone with half a brain presumed this was what had happened - now someone who was involved has given sworn testimony that it did indeed happen. That's a felony - and anyone involved should be removed from their position and prosecuted, including Holder, if it goes that high.

5) Bill Clinton, who during services for Robert Byrd, tried to make excuses for Byrd's considerable involvement with the KKK. Clinton said he just did it so he could win election. Yeah ... well, even if that is true, that makes it right? Imagine the firestorm if President Bush had said something like this about a recently passed Republican Senator - my God, there would be calls from the left for his lynching! (Of course that can't happen, since no Republican Senator was a Grand Cyclops in the KKK).

6) Obama has decided to bypass the Senate and appoint Donald Berwick to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. Under all accepted procedures, this position requires confirmation of the Senate, as do most appointments. Berwick has been criticized by GOP for his love of the British socialist healthcare system, and would certainly be questioned at length about it. Because he loves Obamacare, and Obama doesn't want to risk the GOP and a few Democrats blocking the appointment, Obama is pulling an end run. Berwick was nominated back in April, to fill a post that had been vacant for 4 years. Obama has carefully waited until Congress was out of town for the July 4 holiday to pull this fast one.

You know, you couldn't write a script filled with this many idiotic ego-maniacs. I can't think of a single author who could conjur up a cast that would rival this bunch of stupid morons.

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