Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vampire Craze Winding Down?

I see signs that the Vampire craze has peeked, and is winding down. Although teenage girls and their mothers still squeel at the thought of seeing Twilight for the 27th time, the lines to get into midnight showings are dimishing.

There are rows and rows of teenage vampire novels at bookstores, but not nearly so many on the 'new releases' rack.

True Blood Season 3 apparently has so many twisted plot lines going that mother and daughter units are puzzled, and can't explain what's going on. I semi-jokingly have predicted to them that space alien vampires will be introduced into the series before the end of this season. I really believe they will be ...

And then there is this ... When Snoop Dogg tries to muscle in on the vampire gig, you know things have gone well overboard.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a teenaged girl on the news last night at the dentist getting vamp teeth glued on, and her Mom standing nearby was just as giddy as she was to see the new look.