Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Craps On The Boy Scouts

Obama has decided he will join the lunatic liberal wenches on The View tomorrow. Apparently, that passes as serious television to him, and a forum to reach the people who love him. Well, he got that part right.

Obama has chosen to skip attending the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary Jamboree. Republicans and fans of Scouting across the nation have loudly criticized Obama for going on The View instead of honoring the Boy Scouts. In their defense, the White House has explained that his appearance on The View had nothing to do with his missing the Jamboree - instead, he had Democrat fundraisers to attend that caused the conflict.

Yeah, like that really makes it right? To me, that's even worse ... he's crapping on a 100 year old honorable organization in order to raise money to try and keep the likes of Pelosi and Reid in Congress.

How can the Moron-in-Chief justify turning his back on an organization that inspires America's boys to do things like this ...

Now that, my friends, is a couple of future world leaders! Here they've taken every boy's dream (feeling up some boobies) and wrapped it into a public service, even offering a hands on demonstration to their host. How cool is that?

Yes, I know this is a staged comedy skit ... but it is very cool, nonetheless ...

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