Friday, July 16, 2010

Feds Want To Know How Fat You Are

The Federal Government's mandate to make all medical records electronic has a lot of potential for misuse and abuse, and a will mean a total lack of control by the individual.

Most folks believe that their existing records will just be put into electronic format. Not so ...

Certain information will be mandatory - part of the electronic records whether you want it there or not. There will be electronic check lists, detailing private information that MUST be included in the records for all of us.

It came to light this week that this mandatory information will include a Body Mass Index (BMI) - a measurement that arbitrarily tells anyone who looks at it whether you are considered 'obese' or not. So, the Feds will know whether you are fat or not. You will not have a choice as to whether your record contains this information.

Patient records will not be private like they are now. Any agency or anyone with a 'need to know' will have access to your records. Federal programs will be able to data mine records to find out anything they want to about you personally, groups of people, or the population as a whole. A research institution 1500 miles away that does not know you can get to and use your patient information if they can show a 'valid reason' to the government. If you end up under a government provided insurance program (as we all will, eventually), the government will have every shred of information about your health at their fingertips. You have no control - you cannot opt out, and you will not be told if it is happening.

This is part of the government running healthcare - they will have all of your records. They will be able to look at everything while they are making a decision as to what treatment you will receive, if any. They will be able to look at your records and decide what insurance coverage you can obtain, and how much it will cost. Your records will be used by the Federal Government to tell your doctor what you may and may not receive in the way of care.

What happens if an error gets into your patient record? You are screwed, and that's a fact.

In addition, the wealth of personal information to be included in these records will make it THE target for hacking and theft. Identity theft will be rampant - the Federal Government is not exactly known for keeping electronic data safe.

George Orwell and 1984 - he missed his prediction by 26 years .....

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Scott McCray said...

If you aren't pissed off, you're not paying attention.