Saturday, July 17, 2010


US District Judge Robert Blackburn ruled that the Stolen Valor Act, which punishes those who falsely claim to be decorated military veterans, is unconstitutional.

The case was that of Rick Glen Strandlof, who claimed to be an ex-Marine who was decorated with the Silver Star and Purple Heart for actions in Iraq, even though he never served in the military. Strandlof posed as a Marine major when he founded and solicited funds for a Colorado based veterans group.

The judge dismissed the case, saying that the government did not show it has a compelling reason to restrict free speech. Apparently, lying about military service, claiming to be a hero, and stealing money from people based upon those lies is protected free speech - at least according to this idiot.

The ACLU joined the case in defense of Strandlof - no surprise there.

The law is also under fire in San Francisco, where a case against poser Xavier Alvarez is before the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - the most liberal court in the nation - no surprise there either.

Where's the harm in telling a little white lie - that's what their stance is. The harm - it defames and insults the millions of American men and women who have and who continue to serve this nation.

These are the same courts and judges who feel it is just fine to burn or otherwise descrate our flag. It's amazing what bullshit a liberal can get away with when claiming they are exercising their freedom of speech.

Well, Judge Blackburn, I am exercising my freedom of speech right here - YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

Rick Strandlof, lying asshole

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