Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama's DoJ - AWOL Again

So, while Eric Holder dreams up more phantom charges to sue Arizona over, we have a real Federal crime that's been known, and now proven, and continues to be ignored.

We all knew that the Democrat vote machine created enough votes to get Al Franken into the Senate. However, thanks to the Minnesota Majority, a conservative group, we now have proof. A thorough canvasing of Minnesota voter roles turned up that 341 convicted felons, who cannot legally vote, turned in votes for Franken, primarily in the mainly Democrat controlled area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Those votes were counted as legal.

Franken was awarded the Senate seat by a margin of 312 votes.

This is voter fraud on a major scale. It is grounds to remove Franken from the seat and put Norm Coleman in it - where he belongs. This is a Federal crime.

I guarantee that if this had been reversed, if Franken had lost to Coleman under the exact same circumstances, Eric Holder, Obama, the DoJ, and every Democrat in Congress would be shouting bloody murder. The DoJ would have armies of invesigators, subpoenas, warrants, and press conferences in motion. All of the mainstream media would be up in arms, calling for justice to be served and Franekn seated.

But, what we hear is silence. If anyone in theWH press pool bothers to ask about it, Robert Gibbs (the best Presidential spokesman ever - just ask him) would just shrug it off as something that doesn't matter, just another attempt by Republicans to illegaly stall Obama's glorious agenda.

Someone in Minnesota needs to file suit to have Franken's election overturned due to voter fraud, and lets get it fast tracked to the Supreme Court. Waiting for Eric Holder to do anything about it is futile.
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