Thursday, April 29, 2010

The UN is a Steaming Pile of Dog Excrement

The United Nations - home to tin pot dictators, crooked politicians, rapists and pedophiles, and one of the biggest wasters of US taxpayer money in the entire world. Nothing new there. But, as if we needed another reason to hate those worthless A*holes, they've given us one ...

The UN has elected IRAN to sit on its Commission on Women's Rights. For 4 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the world's worst violators of civil rights, in particular women's rights, will have a seat on the panel which investigates and writes resolutions concerning UN handling and interpretation of rights violators around the world.

What a travesty. The nation that believes it is fine to stone a woman to death for getting a tan is going to sit in judgement of other nations. It won't be any time at all before those A*holes start using their positon to attack Israel and the US for rights violations.

Just another reason to bomb the hell out of that bunch of terrorists. And another reason to quit the UN and boot the bastards out of NY.

Update - The 'election' of Iran to the seat on the commission was a procedural issue - no actual vote was taken. Iran was one of two nations who put their names forth to fill two empty seats - since their was no competition, Iran gained the seat without a vote.

The US UN delegation voiced no objection to the process, and has stayed quiet during the process.

Rep. Dana Rorabacher (R-CA) had a great comment concerning this: "It's part of the theory of hug-a-Nazi-make-a-liberal. If you treat gangsters in a pleasant way, and watch out for their sensitivity, they'll reform their ways."

Bingo - he nailed it - that is the Obama Administration's foreign policy summed up in two sentences. Problem is, these thugs, dictators, thieves, and terrorists aren't going to change their ways - they're laughing at Obama's inept attempt, while taking the opportunity to strengthen themselves.

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