Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama's Army

Obama's remake of our military is just as deep and thorough as his attack on our way of life. The far left kook fringe, which he leads, hates the military. They want to make it weak and irrelevant. They want to change it into a passive force that is incapable of threatening anyone. By doing this, they think the world will fall in love with them. Peaceniks ... hippies ... flower power ... they want to recreate the late '60s, when our military was looked down on by so many, and mistreated by so many.

No one in our Armed Forces should believe this man or his admininstration appreciates them. His words are hollow, full of hidden contempt for our warriors. It's like having a reincarnation of Jane Fonda running the White House.

Obama's proposed replacement for the Congressional Medal of Honor ...

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