Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The USS Murtha ??????

Yes, Obama's Secretary of the Navy announced this past Friday that the Navy's newest amphibious support ship, LPD-26, will be named the USS John P. Murtha.

I want to throw up ....

John Murtha ... tax robber ... crooked ... dirty ... liar ... the man who called our Marines 'murderers', and then refused to apologize when it was PROVEN otherwise ... is having a Navy ship named after him. Indeed, in a class of ships where all previous ones have been named after US cities - not politicians.

The announcement was made by SECNAV Ray Mabus, surrounded by Murtha's kin and Nancy Pelosi, at the John Murtha airport in Johnstown, PA.

The fact that the ship will transport US Marines into combat is particularly ironic, given Murtha's hideous comments about Marines in Iraq. What Marine in their right mind would want to set foot on this floating insult?

Reaction to this by members of the US Armed Forces, particulalry Sailors and Marines, has been loud and angry. I invite you to see the Navy's own story on the announcement, and the comments entered by service members at

As one commentor asked "Was the USS Taliban taken?".

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