Monday, May 3, 2010

Obama's Katrina?

Remember how Obama and every other Democrat in the country crucified President Bush for the Federal response in the aftermath of Katrina?

Balance that with the complete pass Obama is getting in the Federal response to the current oil spill catastrophe.

Bush was on the ground in New Orleans far quicker after the levies broke than Obama has gotten there after the oil rig sank.

My point is not that Obama and his administration have not responded correctly. My point is that their performance is far below the level of Bush's - Bush got slammed, and is still being slammed. Obama gets a complete pass.


Update - Obama asked Ahmadinajad to send over one of his submarines (yes, the Islamic Republic of Iran's navy has subs) to the Gulf and torpedo the oil rig. He did this so he could score points with the eco-nazis, scuttle further oil exploration needed by this country, and give him a reason to attack big oil (BP).


No crazier than Bush ordering the Corps of Engineers to dynamite levies to kill black people ....

Update II - I recently spent several days in the Crescent City on business. I was struck by two things. First, the oil spill is a very real emergency to people along the coast. Folks from Texas to Louisiana and on around to Florida are deathly afraid for their way of life. Second, the incredible number of ambulance chasing lawyers who are advertising on local TV for 'oil spill victims'. "Call us and we'll help you get what you deserve from the oil companies." One one local 1/2 hour newscast, I saw 4 different lawyers advertising specifically for oil victims. One man's emergency is a lawyer's windfall ....

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