Monday, April 19, 2010

Democrat FUBARs Of The Week

His Royal Highness Obama decided not to go to the funeral of the Polish President, due to the Iceland volcano ash's disruption of the airspace. OK, no problem with that - we don't need Air Force One going down or being disabled overseas. However ... Obama's choice to go out and play golf on the day of the funeral was a major league insult to the Polish. Polish newspapers slammed him for going out to play rather than mourn with their entire nation for their beloved President. Couldn't he have waited a day to go out and do his Tiger impression? This guy's lack of knowledge for political protocol is a huge embarrassment to this country.

Bill Clinton once again graced us with his uncanny ability to say absolutely stupid things. He came out last week and warned the American people that they better stop the Tea Party non-sense, shut up, and stop criticizing the Obama Administration. His reason - that such hate speech inflames militias, tea baggers, and other right wing lunatics and could trigger another OK City bombing.

Mr. Clinton ... where were these statements from you during the middle of the last decade, when left wing idiots were calling George Bush stupid, yelling at the top of their lungs that he lied to us, comparing him to a Nazi, calling his VP a reincarnation of Hitler, demanding that his advisors be 'frog-marched' out of the White House in handcuffs, etc. I guess you subscribe to the old left wing playbook - if Democrats protest, it is Patriotic. If Conservatives protest, it is treason, terrorism, racism, elitism,. and must be quashed.

Obama's SEC filed criminal charges against Goldman-Sachs in relation to the mortgage meltdown. The timing was specific - a full court press is on, trumpeting the indictments as proof that Obama/Geithner's overhaul of financial reform MUST be passed NOW, or the country will implode. Once again, they manufacture a crisis in hopes of ramming their agend through before anyone knows what is happening.

So far, no one from Obama's camp has said anything about returning the million dollars Goldman-Sachs contributed to the Obama election campaign.

Responding to criticism from Obama's own fan club, the White House Press Pool, self proclaimed best White House Press Secretary EVER Robert Gibbs had the unmitigated gall to declare to the press corps "This is the most transparent administration in the history of this country". No word on what type of illegal drugs he had taken prior to entering the room. You know, this guy is so stupid that he probably actually believes that.

In another bold lie, Gibbs asserted today that, in relation to the discussion about the VAT, "The President has not proposed this idea, nor is it under consideration". Mark this day. When Obama and the Democrat leadership conjure up another crisis later this year and push VAT as the only way we can keep from going bankrupt, remember today.

Obama is rushing out to California to save Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Facing her toughest re-election bid, she is polling only two points ahead of ANY Republican opponent. This is good news for Republicans - so far, Obama's support has been the kiss of death for Democrat candidates. In other good news, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the esteemed Majority Leader of the Senate, is so far behind his Republican challengers Obama isn't even going to bother trying to help.

In a bizarre move, the Obama Administration is trying to win support from the Tea Partiers. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner stated that Obama has done more to curtail spending than the Bush Administration ever did, and blamed the massive growing deficits on Bush spending. Obama hijmself said at a DNC fundraiser that Tea Partiers should be thanking him for all the tax cuts he has enacted. ????? That statement is so bizarre, it defies comment .....

Obama's EPA is running a contest for independent filmakers - the item to be contested? The best commercial that promotes the goodness of federal regulations. The regulations aren't limited to environmental - it is all federal regs. Why the EPA is running the contest is not clear.

The Hillary Clinton led State Department released a study declaring that "Global warming is unequivocal and primarly human induced". I was unaware that the State Department employed the finest environmental scientific minds, ones who without a doubt have proven this through science.

Just another week of the far left loonies running the asylum ....

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