Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona and Immigration Reform

The subject of Immigration Reform is being brought to a head by the State of Arizona, which has enacted its own SB1070, which passed a statewide vote with over 70% approval from the voting public. It is a tough set of laws, the most controversial of which directs law enforcement personnel to check for proof of legal residency if they feel they have an illegal alien involved. Now, all this proof has to be is a driver's license.

Those on the left are screaming bloody murder. A horrible injustice, racist, discriminitory, violation of civil rights ... etc. What the left is really afraid of is this - the loss of the illegal voting block. They count illegal aliens as one of their biggest sources of block votes. Yes, I know - illegals aren't supposed to be able to vote - but that hasn't stopped the Democrat Vote Manufacturing Machine from using them.

The only immigration reform acceptable to Democrats is to legalize anyone who wants to be in the country, automatically. That is pure insanity.

Ronald Reagan extended amnesty to millions of illegals during his administration. The intended goal was to legalize everyone already here, then enact reform to toughen the borders and control who comes and goes, and how. The amnesty happened, but no reform followed. Our gutless Congress, with the aid of Presidents who didn't want to touch the issue, allowed the situation to build back up to where tens of millions are in this country illegally, and they are screaming for amnesty (again). This has been a bi-partisan failure. Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama have all let this situation erode to where it is today. Obama will be the one who finally acts, but will try to push through a far left idea of what reform should be. If he is successful, the borders will be open, millions of currently illegals will instantly become legal, registered Democrat voters, and millions of more will come streaming across the border.

The situation in Arizona, and here in Texas is becoming unsustainable. Drug and gun smuggling, violence on both sides of the border, the almost complete inability of Mexican officials to do anything to stop the drug wars, attacks on US citizens by smugglers and illegals, and the incredible drain on public resources by illegals has become an emergency. That is why Arizona acted - the Federal Government has thrown half-assed spit balls at the problem, and hoped for it to go away. Well, it ain't going away, and it's gonna get much worse if we don't do something about it now.

Leo Banks, an Arizona resident, has an excellent piece on The American Thinker concerning what is going on in Arizona. It is well worth the read for those who aren't up to speed on how desperate the situation is there. I suggest you take a read to understand what is at stake....

I have nothing but admiration for those to immigrate to this country and do what is necessary to become legal citizens. It is not an easy task - most people who become naturalized citizens know more about US history and government than the average high school graduate. To see the swearing in ceremony is an awesome thing to behold. However, for those who won't make the effort, then they deserve to be thrown out if they are caught, and the government should be actively trying to find them.

The United States has the most lax immigration laws and enforcement in the world. For goodness sakes, Mexico has much, much tougher laws concerning illegals in their country. It baffles me why those on the left want to weaken our laws even further.

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