Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Obama Hypocrisy

Obama's DoJ just within the past few days dropped a strong effort it had undertaken to get internet service providers, such as Yahoo, to allow the DoJ to access private email accounts for surveillance purposes, without having to obtain a court order/warrant. The DoJ had been trying to strongarm Yahoo over this, and didn't drop its pursuit until other internet providers joined Yahoo in fighting it, and the fight became public knowledge. The negative press stopped their effort - not anything to do with the law or the Constitution.

The DoJ has quietly continued the Bush Administration's efforts to monitor phone conversations originating overseas for terrorist intelligence purposes - without court orders. This effort has continued despite Obama's public attacks on Bush for doing the same thing.

The hypocrisy of Obama and his minions is staggering. In public, they attack and threaten to prosecute people in the previous administration for doing the same thing that they are quietly doing out of the public eye. On top of that, they go even further and try to steal access to private email accounts of American citizens without any oversight.

Where is the outrage from the far left over this? Why aren't we hearing liberals hollering for the prosecution of Eric Holder, or for Rahm Emanuel to be frog-marched out of the White House in hand cuffs? Why is it OK for Democrats to do exactly the same thing as Republicans, with the Dems receiving praise and the Republicans being threatened with prosecution?

President Bush forbad any prosecution of Clinton associates after Bush came into the White House in 2001. No matter the crimes that Clintonites had done, they walked away with no punishment due to a President wanting to turn a new page in bi-partisan cooperation. Remember that? Well, I hope the next Republican President, upon taking office in 2013, doesn't make the same mistake. I see several prisons filling up with Obama's minions, just based upon what we know now. The country will truly be surprised to see the depth of corruption that is flowing through the Obama administration, if it is ever investigated.

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