Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Greatest Dallas Cowboy Of All Time?

Perhaps ... in terms of a cult fan following and undrafted rookie jersey sales ....

The Dallas Cowboys signed an undrafted free agent tight end today. The player, who attended New Hampshire, had initially decided to go back to college to finish his degree and become a history teacher after he failed to get picked during the NFL draft. Cowboy officials stayed after him over the past couple of days, and finally convinced him to sign as one of 18 undrafted free agents the team will bring to camp.

The tight end had 22 touchdown catches during his collegiate career, and is 6'4", 250 pounds.

Now, even though he faces incredibly long odds against making the team, his ever lasting fame as a Cowboy is assured. Wearing an 80 series numbered jersey will be Scott Sicko.

Yes, there will be a Dallas Cowboys jersey with SICKO emblazoned across the back. How cool is that?

And to those who thinks he has no chance ... Drew Pearson and Tony Romo, both Dallas greats, were undrafted free agents .....
Update - Sicko impressed the coaches in his firts rookie mini-camp, showing natural ability and speed at the inside line backer position. The coaches are also toying with the idea of using him at fullback, which has pretty much been an empty hole since Darryl Johnston retired. He Sicko also showed good ability on long snap duties in the kicking game - so, his chances of making the team actually don't look too bad.

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Outlaw 13 said...

Bill bates was undrafted as well.