Thursday, January 24, 2013

Senator Feinstein - So, You Know Guns, Huh?

During her press conference announcing her War on Guns, Sen. Feinstein told the world that she had been after this moment for more than 20 years, and she knew all about guns.  She then held this weapon up and identified it as an AR-15. 

Sen. Feinstein, with all due respect (actually you are due no respect in this matter), you don't know this gun from your ass.  This is an M-4 Carbine.  Carbines have folding/telescoping stocks.  Rifles such as the AR-15 have fixed stocks.  It is not a minor detail, it is a fundamental defining characteristic of the weapon.

If you know so much about guns, how can you make such a stupid mistake?

Update - Wording in The War On Guns Act would make illegal any weapon that automatically chambered a round when a round is fired (that is the definition of semi-automatic).  The only weapons that would be legal would require manual manipulation, via slide/bolt/pump/lever to load the next round.

This wording would make illegal EVERY pistol being sold in the US currently, except for antiques and antique reproductions.  All pistols are semi-automatic, including six shot revolvers, according to this definition.

Update II - 'Don't worry ... if you currently have one of these weapons, you can keep it.  We're not coming for you guns.  All you have to do is register your guns with us.'  BULLSHIT.  By requiring lawful citizens to register their existing guns with them, Obama and his minions are laying the groundwork for their future goals.  If they can build a list of who has them, just think of the ways that can be used for their benefit.  Say, 5 years from now President Clinton decides that all 'assault weapons' have to be confiscated - they have the list of what houses to raid.  If Clinton decides that she's going to punish 'assault weapon' owners, she could levy a $5000 tax on each and every assault weapon registered (and the proceeds would be used to expand free marujuana distritution for 'medicinal purposes' under Obamacare).

If they have the information, it will be misused.  Period.  There is absolutely no defendable reason for the government to have this information - it will not prevent one crime.

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