Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama's War on Ammo

I heard today that Obama has not quite publicly directed his minions in the EPA to begin drafting regulations to attack the manufacture of ammunition.

What does the EPA have to do with ammunition, and how can Obama use this as a central piece of his War on Guns?

The majority of ammo produced consists of lead (or has a lead component).

The EPA will claim authority over manufacture of bullets by calling them environmental pollution.

Sound crazy?  Why?  Look at the EPA.  It has turned into a rogue agency, inventing authority over whatever industries and resources that Obama and his environmentalist whacko base want to shut down.  It's Director is leaving under a cloud, having broken the law on multiple occasions.  The EPA is causing the shutdown of multiple industries and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.  It stands in the way of energy independence at every turn.  It is Obama's backstop, his personal pack of Brown Shirts that he can use to do his dirty work - things he can't get done through Congress, and things he doesn't want to be publicly transparent.  (He use the EPA to kill the coal industry)

This is not receiving a lot of attention.  They want to keep it under the radar, so that public outcry doesn't build.

Imagine - get on a waiting list for a small box of bullets, then having to submit to a background check to qualify to buy it, and having the amount you receive rationed.  Every far left kook in America will be laughing their asses off at us - 'You got your guns, but nothing to shoot in them!'.

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