Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Insane Cuomo's Got Company

You might think that New York Governonr Andrew Cuomo is way out of line, and completely off his rocker when he passed the most restrictive state gun control laws in the nation, and tried to force through even more draconian measures - as decribed below.  Well, he's not out of the mainstream of the far left kook fringe.  He's about to have company...

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is set to introduce an Assault Weapons Ban bill into the US Senate on Thursday.  Liberals, orgasmically giddy over the prospect, leaked details of what she will propose:

1)  Outright ban on the manufacture or sale of 120 specific weapons.

2)  Outright ban on the manufacture or sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, for any weapon.

3)  Outright ban on the sale or manufacture of any weapon that can accept a detachable magazine and has one other 'military style feature'. 

4)  Federal registration of any existing weapon that meets any of these criteria.

And more ... but those are the 'highpoints' that have the far left creaming their jeans.

The bill will probably not pass a vote in the Senate.  In fact, Harry Reid will more than likely not allow it to come up for a vote - because that would put 'on the record' some Dem Senators from states that are heavily pro-2nd Amendment.  They would have to either vote against Democrat leadership and His Highness, or vote for gun control and be booted out of office by the voters in the next election.

If for some reason it does pass through the Senate, it is DOA in the Republican controlled House.  Which is perfect for Dems, for then they can spend the 2014 mid-term elections crowing about how those evil Republicans supporting rich assault weapon owner child (not baby, mind you) killing Christians blocked Obama's perfectly understandable attempt to rid the country of all weapons.  Think that wouldn't happen?  I'll bet Obama's campaign mechanism is already drafting the material for it.

Dems know this will never fly.  It is a statement to their base.  It is also laying the groundwork for the future. 
There will immediately be calls for Republicans in the House to come up with their own proposals - it is a trap, and one to be avoided.  Boehner and his caucus should ignore the calls.

Remember, the far left in this country is like the Islamic terrorists we are fighting around the world - they are very patient, and don't mind waiting a while for their paradise.

Update - Well, here's Feinstein's list of proposed banned weapons.  Note that there are pistols and shotguns on it as well ar AKs and ARs. 

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