Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear Leader Thanks The Clintons

A recent communique' from North Korea's Dear Leader to the past President was made public, only after a FOIA was reluctantly agreed to by the Obama Administration.  Here is the text;

To Birrary Creenton
From Your Friend Dear Reader Jr.

cc:  Osama Obama  (ha, ha)

Dear Reader Jr. want to thank you so much for arrowing the Freedom Ruving Peoples of North Korea to test our new nucrear bomb.  You shourd watch MSNBC crosery, they will happiry show our peacefur intents when I push da button to blow it up.

My peace ruving country courd not have reached this historic mirestone without your direct herp.  Your arrowing my Father, Dear Reader, to continue our nucrear research back in the ninties was a key, as was your generous gift of nucrear reactors and technorogy for 'power generation' (yeah, that's funny!)  Arr da free food and oir you sent over was very wercome, too, though you courd have sent more Taco Berr.  Dad rearry riked all the cowboy boots and movies you sent as gifts - da truth!

Birr, got to terr you, Hirrary rooking pretty bad these days.  Armost as bad as that Arbright hag you sent over back when you was boss.  You terr Osama if he want to send someone with more gifts, not send Hirrary, or that dumbass Rurch - he no fun at arr.  You terr Osama he better send Cowboy Cheerreaders - I no risten to them, but wourd ruv to pray Cowboy and Dear Reader with them.

Sorry Birr, got to go - Madonna on the phone.  She big fan of me.  Risten for the Big Bang!

Your Good Friend, Dear Reader Jr.

As North Korea announces to the world that it is about to detonate a nuclear bomb, all Americans should pause and give thanks to those who made it possible - Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Administration.

(with apologies to Trey Parker and Matt Stone ...)

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