Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't You Dare Complain!

To all of you who voted for Obama, or couldn't find enough energy to vote against him, you are going to receive a bunch of surprises in the coming months.  DON'T YOU DARE BE SURPRISED, AND YOU BY GOD BETTER NOT COMPLAIN. 

1)  Income tax rates on folks who make $400K or more haas gone up to 39.6%  That means that 40% of everything you earn goes straight to Obama.  If you are a Democrat and make a bunch of money, you better not complain about your bigger tax bill, and you better not try to find more tax shelters to hide behind.  After all, you voted for the guy who promised to raise your taxes, and in the words of Sheriff Joe Biden, if you don't pay more taxes, you ain't patriotic.

2)  The temporary reduction in payroll reductions for Social Security expired on Jan.1, meaning that everyone who pays Social Security taxes saw their take home pay reduced.  EVERYONE.  Obama did not push to extend that temporary redction.  Those of you who weren't paying attention, and thought that there was no way Obama would raise ANY taxes on the middle class (after all, he PROMISED!) don't have a leg to stand on to complain about this.

3)  Everyone's income tax rates have gone up this year, no matter what Obama says.  The tax tables have gone up.  You will pay more in income tax than last year (all things being equal), whether you are upper class or middle class.  If you are lower class, see 4) below.

4)  More people will pay NO income tax this year than last - which was a record year for the number of people who pay nothing for the services they receive.  More people who pay no income tax will receive 'refunds' for taxes they did not pay.  All in the name of 'fairness'. 

5)  DO NOT complain when your tax preparer starts asking you questions about your health insurance.  Don't be indignant when you are asked to produce docmentation showing you have health insurance.  DO NOT complain if you are not insured, and get a 'fine' tacked onto your income tax.  After all, you voted for it!

6)  DO NOT complain when your tax preparer charges you more than last year.  After all, they are doing a lot more, for they have become Obamacare's enforcer.

7)  If you have employer supplied insurance, don't be surprised if your portion of the premiums goes up, and goes up by a bunch.  Don't be surprised if your employer drops your insurance, leaving you out in the cold as far as healthcare goes - for it will be cheaper for them to pay a fine than it will be to pay for substantial increases in your insurance premiums.  If you don't realize that this was a very specific goal of Obamacare, then you haven't been paying attention, and you deserve what you get.

8)  Don't be surprised when you get screwed for more taxes on your investments.  Remember, you voted for the guy who promised to increase capital gains taxes by a large amount.

Don't complain.  Don't try to duck your increased tax burden.  Don't try to sidestep Obamacare.  You voted for the man who told you what he was going to do.  If you were stupid enough to believe him about how it wasn't going to cost you anything, then you deserve to lose more of your money.

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