Saturday, January 5, 2013

alGore Is A (Business) Genius

alGore is a genius.

Those of you who follow this blog might think that statement must be dripping in sarcasm.  It isn't. 

Gore is a business genius, that's all there is to it.  Mega-super-uber RICH.  So much money that no one really knows his true worth.

Gore has identified a gullible target market, one that will buy anything he tries to sell them - far left eco-kooks.  He makes millions per year for speaking engagements around the world, where he spouts out his tired, old Inconvenient Bullshit speech over and over.

He makes millions investing in 'green' technology companies, lobbying the government for subsidies, grants, and loan guarantees, and then sells out before they collapse.

His latest venture, Current TV, defies description.  Supposedly a competitor to Fox News, this unintelligible mess has a viewing audience of about 3.  The vast majority of people in this country, liberals included, don't know it even exists.

Current TV was never a serious venture.  It was an investment.  alGore lends his name to it, and then he and his other investors sell it off for big bucks profit.  Kind of like Bain Capital ... Current TV was never about getting out the liberal message - it was always about making a quick pile of money.

Everyone knows by now he sold out to al Jazeera, the Qatar based Islamic 'news' channel.  Long recognized as a mouthpiece for radical Islam and anti-semitism, it has wanted a legitimate foothold in North America.  Gore made $100 million personally in the deal.

Conservatives hate Gore, for multiple reasons.  Liberals, especially his far left kook base, should be hating him as well:

1)  Gore sold out to Qatar, who gets all of their money from OIL.  Dirty, dispicable OIL.  Gore got RICHER from evil OIL.

2)  Gore tried very hard to complete the deal before Jan.1, in order to avoid Obama's tax hikes.  Smart businesswise, but so very capitalistic - and EVIL.  (He failed, the deal signed on Jan.3)

3)  According to the new Obama rich tax rates, Gore should be sending a check for $39.6 million dollars to the government immediately - just for his personal portion of the profit.  I encourage all liberals to keep track of this, and demand from Gore proof that he indeed sends all of this sum to the government - after all, he is RICH, and he should be volunteering to pay his FAIR share, shouldn't he?

4)  alGore is just plain RICH, even without the Current TV deal.  Where are his tax returns for the last 10 years?  How much has he been giving to the government and charity per year?

5)  I was really looking forward to seeing Jennifer Granholm, ex-disgraced Michigan disaster of a Governor and current prime time Current TV host (did you know that?  No one else does either, so don't feel bad...) dressed from head to toe in a burqha.  It would have been hilarious to see her dissed like that.  Unfortunately, Granholm has announced she is leaving the network in the wake of the sale.  I would imagine a lot of other employees will be looking for work, either by choice or by firing.  So, there's reason 5 to hate alGore - he cost people their jobs, allowing them to be outsourced overseas (sound like Bain Capital???).

6)  Gore makes his millions by providing services and products specifically tailored to his target market.  He shovels bullshit into the mouths of stupid, naive idiots, and they love him for it.

7)  Have I mentioned that Gore is RICH, stupidly, filthy, capitalistically RICH.

alGore should be a poster child for the 1%.  He is the epitome of a RICH, white guy success story.

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