Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gun Control Madness - A LIttle Perspective

Left Wing Liberal Hypocrits ...

Up in arms (so to speak) about the national emergency produced by law abiding citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  So indignant about the horror of owning a gun, and the imminent threat it poses to everyone in America.  They've got to control guns ... they've got to regulate guns ...  they've got to know about all guns ... they've got to eliminate guns ...  all in the name of our own good.

Well ... PISS OFF!

If you on the left are SO concerned about reducing the number of unneeded deaths in this country, why don't you start addressing these first;

333,964       Children killed by Planned Parenthood in 2011
329,445       Children killed by Planned Parenthood in 2010
332,278       Children killed by Planned Parenthood in 2009
1,200,000    Childred killed by abortions in the US per year
54,500,000  Children killed by abortions in the US since 1973
120,000       Killed by doctor/hospital mistakes each year
4281            People killed in motorcycle accidents in 2009
10,228         People killed by drunk drivers in 2010
34                People killed in North America by bears since 2000
510              People murdered in Washington DC 2009-2011
1836            People murdered in Chicago since 2009
12                People murdered in Chicago from 1/1/13 to 1/6/13
19                Murdered by illegals released by Obama since 2009
39                People killed in the US by lightning in 2011
2800            People who choked to death on food in 2011 (estimated)

(Note that Chicago and Washington have some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and have been under Democrat control for decades.  Perfect example of how well gun laws that restrict law abiding citizens from their rights work to cut crime and violence!)

And on ... and on ...

I am in no way trying to make light on the recent tragedy, or any of the shootings that these evil, sick bastards have perpetrated.  I am trying to illustrate how selective the outrage is, and how it is being used to further a political agenda.  Liberals want strict gun control.  They see tragedies such as this, as infrequent as they are, as opportunities to rally support and try to force through their agenda in a panic.  This has been Obama's mode of operation since even before he got in office - portray everything as an emergency, that has to be dealt with immediately, don't look closely at what I'm doing, just trust me.  As his ex-CoS and current Murder Czar, Boss Rahm was famously quoted during his stay in the White House, 'Never let a crisis go to waste'. 

Democrats all over the country are trying to ram through gun control as quickly as they can.  They know that as the (deserved) horror of what happened in CT fades into the background, hot blood will cool and they will lose the momentum.  They also know that if they don't have the momentum, they will not have enough popular support to trash the 2nd Amendment.

Many, many people on the left are operating out of ignorance in their demands for gun control.  Mayor Doomburg of NYC was recently chastised by a TV interviewer because he did not know what a semi-automatic weapon was.  He told her that it was a weapon that you just hold down the trigger, and it keeps spewing out bullets.  Incredulously, she corrected him.  A female, blonde, TV interviewer knows more about the basics of guns than does a very public figure who is trying to ban them.  (Fully automatic weapons, such as Doomburg thought he was addressing, are already ILLEGAL in the United States, unless you go thorugh an extensive background and licensing procedure that is lengthy and costly.) 

Biden and Obama have publicly come out and threatened to attack the 'problem' through Executive Orders - bypassing Congress and the American People, and shitting on the Constitution.  Of course, their 'orders' would only involve guns themselves, nothing else - nothing addressing mental health, or Hollywood glorified gun violence, or video game violence, or violence promoted in rap music, or the complete and blatant attack on the traditional family unit in this country by their liberal buddies.

My personal opinion is that some things could be done to help prevent these tragedies from happening in the future.  Most of them have nothing to do with guns themselves, and hence will never be addressed.  But in the gun arena itself, I see where some rules could be added without denying our citizens their rights under the Constitution:

A waiting period for certain classes of firearms.

More stringent/complete background checks for purchases.

The elimination of Gun Show rules, that apparently bypass the background check process.

Magazine capacity.  You don't need a 30 round clip to go hunting - indeed, it is illegal to hunt with a clip containing more than 5 rounds almost everywhere already.  30 round clips are not practical for target shooting - they are heavy and get in the way.  Drum magazines - there is no practical reason for these to exist in the public realm.  10 round limit?  20?  I don't know.

A restriction on AP (armor piercing) ammo.  No one uses AP for hunting or target shooting.

In spite of what liberals would have you believe, there are a lot of gun regulations on the books now.  You can't just own any type of weapon you want.  Do some of those laws need to be revisited and perhaps made to work better?  Probably.  But the answer is NOT what our Pocket Hitler and his Brown Shirts are pushing for.  Remember, these clowns are the uber-smart a*holes who thought up and executed 'Fast and Furious' ...

And for you liberals who are freaking out on my listing of abortions above ... I HAVE a Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms in my household.  It is expressly stated in the Constitution.  You do not have a Constitutional Right to have or perform an abortion - in spite of what a liberal activist court stated back in hippie times, the word ABORTION or any combination of words that conjure up the same meaning are not stated anywhere in the Constitution.  Period.

Update - The MOST heinous, evil gun control measure being thrown about by Obama and his Brown Shirts right now (in my opinion) is a National Gun Registry.  Gun types, magazine capacity, background checks - are all small issues when compared to the government requiring each and every gun owning citizen to register those weapons.  This would create a list of people, their locations, and the weapons they own, for the Government to use as it pleases. 

If, say, Obama in his fourth term decides he wants to drop down a Presidential Decree making a specific type of weapon illegal, he would have the database showing him where all of us are who own one - a roadmap he will use to confiscate them.  Or, perhaps, Hillary Clinton in 2018 decides that everyone who owns an AR-15 needs to pay a 50% tax to pay for health care - she would have the database needed to send out the IRS after us.

If the Registry is made public information, as it is in multiple municipalities/counties/states already, then evil left wing a*holes can get your information, and do with it what they want - like publish it for everyone, including criminals, to see.  You see, that's already happened ...

If the information is there, it will be misused.  There is absolutely NO positive result from a National Firearms Registry.  It is all about controlling us, the citizens of this country.

I urge all of you to call/write/email/scream at your Congressional and Senate reps to express your outrage that our government is even contemplating doing this.

Update II - NRA membership has grown by more than 100,000 since Obama made his post-CT statements.  If you try to order an AR-15 right now from a manufacturer, you're looking at a 6 month wait, minimum, due to order backups.  There are over 1,000,000 AR-15 30 round magazines on back order right now with a single manufacturer (Magpul - the BEST magazines out there!).  Companies that make these items are producing them as fast as they can.  People who had no interest in owning one of these weapons have gone out and gotten one, or are trying to get one - due directly to Obama's efforts to eliminate them.  You have an overbearing government try curb your Constitutional Rights, and the natural instinct is to fight back - Obama says you don't need that gun, the natural response is to go out and get one. 

In six months, if Obama somehow manages to outlaw the AR-15 and the others guns in its class, it won't matter.  There will be so many of them in the hands of the people that there won't be a need to manufacture or sell any more of them.  Dumb ass liberals ...

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