Monday, September 10, 2012

Have You Forgotten?

Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the day that changed our nation, and indeed the world, forever.

Have you forgotten?

I haven't.

It seems that many Americans have.  Or, they just pretend it didn't happen.  Or they were too young to fully comprehend what happened.  Or, they were one of the few idiots that blamed the United States.

It is incumbent on everyone who lived through those dark days to remember, and to pass on what happened.  We simply can't allow complacency and the short memory of America to make it go away.

(If you think it will never be forgotten, ask yourself what our young people know about World War One.  Most would have no idea what it was, or when it happened.  World War Two, might get a page in a current high school history book.  Korea, what's that?  Cold War?  Never heard of it ... )

Update - as if forgetting wasn't bad enough ... NBC was the only major network NOT to show the moment of silence yesterday in tribute to the victims of the attack - a moment that even their Lord Obama observed.  What would cause NBC to do this?  Were they covering some breaking news story. some emergency?  Not exactly ... they were showing an interview with a Kardashian gloating over her latest boob job.  Does NBC really hate America that much?

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