Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrats Boo God

The firestorm of criticism Democrats received, even in the mainstream media, for removing the one reference to God and support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel caused them to quickly backtrack and add those back into the party platform.  Democrat leaders and pundits have been trying, and failing, over the past day to try and sweep this under the rug as an unimportant little wording detail that is not worth anyone noticing.  Bullshit!  The whole country noticed!

Besides the incredible embarrassment of having to put the language (which had been deleted on purpose) back in, Democrats suffered a meltdown yesterday as the changes were brought to the floor of the convention for a mandatory vote.  What followed was a huge lesson in humility for Democrat leaders, a huge embarrassment for the Obama campaign, and some really good political theater.

The vote was done during the day, when the convention hall was the least crowded.  It was done on a voice vote.  The first time the speaker called for the vote, the No votes clearly outnumbered the Yes votes.  He recalled the vote, and this time it was about even.  He called for a third voice vote, and this time it also seemed about even.  He then gaveled the issue, declaring it to have passed with a two thirds voice majority.  (It clearly had not.)

At this point, the crowd erupted into loud, protracted booing at the decision.  It was clear to them that the Democrat Party had decided this one behind closed doors, that their actual votes didn't count for anything.  Wow, isn't that something - Democrats actually learned what those of us on the right have known about their party for decades!

As hilarious as this was to witness, it is instructive.  A majority of Democrat delegates to their convention voted AGAINST the word God apperaring ONCE in their party's platform, and voted AGAINST stating support for Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.  Makes it pretty clear that the majority of them are a pack of anti-Israel heathens - which is their right to believe, just don't expect us to pretend it to be otherwise. 

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