Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Women ... WAKE UP

American Women, it is time for you to wake up. 

You are being taken for granted by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.  They feed you lie after lie, expecting you to fall for all of it.  They consider the majority of you to be half brained nit-wits.  They count on you accepting whatever you are told at face value.  They presume you are so devoted to them that you will not question anything they say.  Whatever The One says is gospel.  They think you are Stepford Wives.

Those of you who want to vote for Obama - I am not asking you to vote for Romney, but I want you to consider these points.  Consider each of them with your own brain, don't rely upon what the Obama spin machine is telling you.  Use your own judgement to decide what to believe and what to discard as bullshit.

1)  Republicans want to deny you birth control - Is that true?  This one is such a bold faced lie that it is laughable.  Condoms are cheap, and they can be gotten by anyone just about anywhere.  Rubbers are hanging on the shelf at every convenience store, grocery store, drug store, even the bathrooms in the mall.  They are cheap, and there is no age restriction on their sale.  It was this way under Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and now Obama.  Did anyone see ANY attempt by Republicans during that period to pull them off the shelves?  Have you heard any statement FROM Romney or any other Republican currently in or wanting to be in government that indicates they want them removed? 

2)  Republicans want you barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, serving your overbearing husband - You are not to have a career.  Women were supposed to be the big winners under Obama (his pun WAS intended).  Equality, or superiority, were supposedly guaranteed by his election.

FACT - unemployment among women is currently reported at 8%.  5,785,000 women above the age of 16 are unemployed.  The figures are substantially higher for women of minotiry races.  The figures do not include the million or so women who have been dropped from the equation, because they have given up searching for a job.  When President Bush left office, these numbers were 7% and 5,005,000.  The economic policies of Barack Obama have directly caused many, many women to lose their jobs.

Who is waging a war against women?  It isn't the Republicans, it is The One and his minions - those who take your worship for granted.  Wake up!  If you support Barack Obama, ask yourself why.  Be truthful to yourself - no one else will know!

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