Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Madness Of The Lunatic Left

A startling example of the lunatic left's agenda popped up in a US District Court in Boston.  Judge Mark Wolf ruled in favor of a taxpayer funded sex change operation for a convicted murderer.

Robert Koselik was convicted of the 1990 murder of his wife, and is serving a life sentence in the Mass State Pen.  This creature started hormone treatments in prison (tax payer funded), and lives in an all male prison.  Special 'accomodations', all costing taxpayer money, have to be constantly in place to protect the now "Michelle' Koselik from its fellow prisoners.

Koselik first sued the Mass Dept of Corrections in 2000.  Judge Wolf ruled in favor of everything short of surgery to accomdate Koselik's desire to become 'female'.  Koselik again sued in 2005, and added electrolysis treatments to the medically 'mandatory' treatments he was seeking.

Judge Wolf, in a 126 page ruling, ordered prison officials to give Koselik what it wants, citing the creature's 'serious medical need'.  Judge Wolf declined to give any guidance to the officials on where 'it' would be housed after surgery, or how the procedures and following 'accomodations' were to be paid for.  In other words, Mass taxpayers will pay for every bit of it, and be on the hook for any future treatments and whatever special security and housing arrangements that have to be made in order to keep 'it' safe while it lives out its life behind bars.  (In essence, the prison will have to build a seperate 'prison within a prison' to keep it safe from the other prisoners.)

Judge Wolf was appointed to his position on the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1985.  One wonders what Reagan would think about that appointment if he had the chance to see this ruling.  One also wonders what the people of Mass think about their money being squandered on bullshit like this ...

Update - a day after Judge Wolf's decision, leaders of the LGBT movement came out and praised it for advancing the cause of rights for transgendered.  Wow - your movement is pretty pathetic if your poster child is a convicted murderer.  These people completely missed the point. 

The point of all the uproar over this is the fact that taxpayer money is being used to provide this ELECTIVE procedure and its lifelong results to a PRISONER who was convicted of murder.  If this creature was a private citizen, out and free, and paid for this with his own money/insurance, there's no problem at all.

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