Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Priorities On Display, Again

President Obama is headed to NY.  One would think he'd be going to the UN General Assembly.  You would think he'd be going there to tell the world that the US is not happy with the anti-American fervor being whipped up against us int he Middle East by Isdlamic extremists.  One would think he'd have a series of meetings set up with diplomats from the countries in the region, expressing our outrage at the murder of our Libyan Ambassodor and three others.  You'd think he'd be meeting with our Allies to build their support for our fight against these terrorists and the states that support them.  One would think that ...

But no.  President Obama is going to NY to tape another visit with Whoopi and the liberal cackle-fest that is The View.  How many times has he sat down with these idiots?  Are they maybe ganging up on him in the green room?

I'd like to think that this was an isolated incident, but its not.  While our embassies were burning, while our Ambassador was being murdered and in the aftermath, Obama was on the campaign trail, stumping and raising money.  Disgusting.

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