Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Sheriff Joe - Where's The Money?

Hey there, Sheriff Joe, where is all of our money?

Remember when His Highness, in front of a joint session of Congress on National Primetime TV, told us that Joe Biden was the new sheriff in town.  Joe was going to watch over the hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars like a hawk.  He was going to prevent waste, make sure that every dollar went to producing jobs and turning the economy around, nothing was going to get past him.  Remember Joe, sitting behind Obama as he spoke, smiling and nodding his head in agreement?

Well, we're three years down the road.  Where's your report to the American taxpayers, Joe?  Where's the detailed record of where every dollar was spent?  Where's proof that you did your job as the New Sheriff in Town?  Where is what your boss promised you would provide to us?

C'mon Joe - surely you did an outstanding job.  Surely you have that record, and can tell us where our money went?  Surely we will see what a strict financial genius you are.  Surely you have more to offer the United States of America as Vice President than being the main source of material for the Obama Administration blooper reel?

Joe Biden is on the ticket with Barack Obama.  He is running for reelection as well as His Highness.  Where are the attacks on him from the right?  Where are the ads pointing out that our Veep is just a cartoon character?  Why don't I hear anything from Romney or Ryan about this inept buffoon that is a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

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