Sunday, July 31, 2011

Way to Man Up, Cowgirls!

Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, stirred up a controvery this week. In response to the hated Philly Iggles signing some top rated players recently, Ryan (without specifically naming the Iggles) stated to the press that the Cowboys would beat the asses of the 'All Hype' team.

Everyone in the Cowboys organization, from the owner on down, have distanced themselves from that comment. Apparently in this new post lockout NFL, you are not actually allowed to say anything that might possibly be misinterpreted as a slight/insult/inflammatory comment towards any of your competitors.

Rob and his brother Rex (head coach of the Jets) are loud mouthed, opinionated, honest to a fault, in your face competitors. These twins are the sons of ex-coach Buddy Ryan, one of the most hated, reviled competitors the Cowboys ever faced. They are very much their father's sons. The things that make them hated if they are against you are what make you love them if they are on your side.

The Cowgirls need some attitude. They sucked last year, in large part because of a 'who gives a shit' cupcake attitude that started with their head coach. Now they've got someone with a proper 'football attitude', and they're acting as if he is a leper.

I want to see more of this. I want to see more of the attitudes from the glory days, where Cowboys hated Iggles, hated Redskins, hated Gignats. By God, this is supposed to be football, where you are trying to destroy the other team physically, and then score points to win. It is not supposed to be playing tea party, with pink tutus and pinkys extended while sitting across the table from your enemy.

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