Monday, July 18, 2011

How Economically Friendly Are Electric Cars?

According to Mr. Obama, emerging green technologies are the key to America's economic future. Bazillions of new jobs are going to be created in the green sector. He states it as fact, one that we can bank on.

Green Vehicles, a startup company located in Salinas CA, was touted as one of these wonder companies, due to create 70 jobs and contribute $700,000 in taxes per year to the local economy, while building Obama's perfect vision of an electric car.

Green Vehicles was given $540,000 in startup money by the city.

Green Vehicles shut its doors unexpectedly, with the owner sending out an email to make the announcement. All of the money is apparently gone, in spite of its owners statement over a year ago that they had vehicles ready for sale and delivery.

Wow, isn't that special?

My personal opinion is that any company that buillds something this ugly deserves to go belly up!

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