Saturday, July 16, 2011

Facebook Addicts - Pathetic

Wife and Daughter units are going to hate me for this one ...

Facebook is an evil left wing plot to brainwash and control the entire world's population. I really don't see any other reason for it.

How bad is Facebook Addiction?

There are tons of services who offer to sell you Facebook buddies or friends. Yes - you can buy instant, manufactured popularity. Some of them even guarantee those 'people' will be real.

The internet firm Usocial, for instance, will sell you 5000 Facebook buddies for $654. For fans of Facebook Fans, you can buy 10,000 of those for $1167. This is really pathetic - not that there are services doing this, but that there are enough pathetic examples of humanity out there who feel a need for the services to make them profitable.

The flipside of this is companies who buy facebook contacts in order to target marketing efforts to those unfortunate people. Think your information on Facebook belongs to you? Not a chance, you naieve dunce. Once you enter your information into those pages, it is property of the INTERNET.

Southpark has an episode from last year, I believe, that is perfect for this. If you haven't seen the Facebook/Tron episode, take a look - it's a hilarious spoof on this pitiful problem.

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