Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama Moonlighting for North Korea?

North Korea's women's soccer team participated in the World Cup this year. They were eliminated after the group stage, having not performed very well. The US team beat them in the opening match, 2-0. After the match, the North Korean coach came out with an astonishing statement, saying the reason for the loss was the fact his team had been struck by lightning a month before during training. 5 players had to be hospitalized. The doctors had forbid them from playing, but in the heroic communist way, they went ahead and played. Of course, none of this could be verified by anyone.

It has now come to light that 5 North Korean players tested positive for banned steroids during the competition. North Korean has come out and explained that this was an unexpected result of the treatment the women received for their lightning injuries - treatment that consisted of medicine made from musk deer glands.

This is so ludicrous, it is comical. What is even funnier is that FIFA, the sport's governing body, has announced that it has accepted that explanation. It really doesn't matter - any penalty imposed by FIFA wouldn't amount to anything, and the players involved (maybe the whole team?) are likely going to vanish in a forced labor camp for losing in the first place.

When I saw the bit about the steroids, the first thought I had was what speech writer from Obama's regime wrote that excuse for their good buddy Kim? The willing suspension of disbelief we are being asked to undertake in listening to that statement is exactly what we are asked to do when Obama's crew tries to explain how his economic policies are helping the country.

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