Friday, July 8, 2011

Justice Served, Texas Style

Texas executed Humberto Leal yesterday evening. He was pronounced dead at 6:21pm.

Leal was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of Adria Sauceda, a 16 year old San Antonio girl, in 1995. After raping the girl, he assaulted her sexually with a stick that had a long screw taped to the end of it. After he was done, he smashed her head in with a 30 pound piece of asphalt.

When he was arrested, he confessed to the crime. He has been on Death Row for 16 years. He has filed appeals and motions almost constantly during that time, citing every possible excuse - all of which have been denied.

His lawyers tried a last minute tactic to try and get not only a stay of execution, but attempting to get a pardon from Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Obama Administration jumped in, stating that the President had the right to interfere under international agreements. The UN stuck its nose into it. The Mexican Government tried to interfere.

Leal was an illegal immigrant. His parents entered the country illegally when he was 2 years old. As far as anyone knows, he had never returned to Mexico. When he was arrested, he reportedly produced a Texas driver's license as ID.

The 'outrage' over this execution was the fact that Leal was not told by the arresting officers that he should contact the Mexican Embassy after his arrest, for legal assistance and advice.

First - Why would the arresting officers presume that Leal was a foreign national? What reason would they have to - a Latino, in San Antonio, with a Texas ID? Indeed, if a Hispanic was asked his immigration status under Obama's Administration, there would be cries of horrendous persecution, discrimination, and racial profiling. So, the Obama gang's stance was that officers erred in 1995 for doing exactly what Obama demands they do today.

Second - the Mexican Government spits in the wind when they complain. They cared absolutely nothing about Leal, or any other illegal immigrants. This is simply a mechanism for them to act like they actually matter.

Third - the UN - an organization that has countries like Libya, Syria, and Iran sitting on human rights committees. Yeah, like they really give a crap about anything except living it up in New York on our money.

Where is the sympathy for the young girl and her family? Where is the acknowledgement that this man was found guilty, and had confessed to the crime. Where is the acknowledgement that he received proper legal council during and after his trial?

By the way ...

Leal's parting statements as the drugs were flowing included admitting to what he did (again), acknowledging the pain he has caused, and saying he was sorry for it all. His final words were "Viva Mexico". If he loved Mexico so much, why didn't he go back before he took the life of that young girl? Too bad he didn't ...

Good riddance, asshole.

Thank you Rick Perry, for ignoring the pressure from Obama and allowing justice to run its course.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally agree with everything you just said! When are we going to treat illegals as criminals? It's not personal against a race, just against the crime. I actually have dear friends on both sides of the alien status. My friend who went to all the trouble to become legal agrees too! The crime that I don't hear about is the illegal with a fake SSN, pays taxes, then claims all of their dependants who are still living in Mexico. We give this family $8-$9k as earned income credit!!!! Everyone says the illegals are willling to work for less pay. Do they really?

Ok, I'll give you back the soapbox now...

Margot said...

I told a friend the other day that I would now vote for Rick Perry for president on this basis alone - standing his ground- and the fact that his wife won't tell my kids what to eat lol!!!!!!

Can you please encourage the man to run for office of President?

67Cougar said...

Since I am closer personal friends with Rick, I'll put in a good word ... ;)

Outlaw13 did meet him, when he went to Iraq to visit Texas based troops.

Like I said, he ain't perfect. However, he's a hell of a lot better than that Bozo the Clown that's in there right now, and a better choice than almost all of the Republicans that have thrown their hats it he rig so far.

To those Republicans who nit pick about him (or whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be - WAKE UP!!!! A lot of folks stayed away from the polls because they didn't care for John McCain, and look what we've been stuck with.