Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Man Has No Shame

Barack Obama rolled out the tried and true Democrat scare tactic today in reference to the debt ceiling debate. During an interview, he suggested that Social Security checks won't go out if a deal is not reached.

The Federal Government will not be 'broke' and unable to write checks if a deal is not reached.

The Federal Government will collect over $220 billion in revenue in August to operate with.

Obama and Tim Geithner have control over what gets paid, in what order, if there is a 'shortfall'. The only way the US would default on debt is if these two decide to spend money on other things first.

The only way Social Security or other entitlement payments will not go out is if Obama and Geithner specifically decide to not send them. If seniors do indeed not receive their checks at the end of August, it is no one but Obama's fault. I would not put it past him - he could decide to pay his union 'dues', pet projects, payoffs, and payments to ACORN and Planned Parenthood first, and then claim he doesn't have money for Social Security (and then try to blame Republicans).

There is more than enough money to operate the Federal Government if a deal is not reached. It would require cutting back on some spending that shouldn't be happening anyway, but that is not a bad thing.

It is an amazing thing when the President of the United States looks into the camera and tells a bold faced lie to the American People, for the express purpose of scoring political points. I guess we should be used to it with Obama by now. I've gotten to the point that if he said the sky was blue, I would question my own eyes if they agreed with him.

You would think that seniors would wise up and realize this tactic for what it is. Democrats have been lying through their teeth for decades about Republican plans to have seniors dying in the streets. You would think that organizations like AARP would call them on the lies, expose the tactic for what it is. Unfortunately, AARP's leadership is in bed with Democrats, and are actively helping them in continuing this scam.

Democrats, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in particular, have no shame when it comes to lying to the public to get what they want. People in the middle and on the left need to wake up and look at them objectively. They need to wake up and see what sorry excuses for oxygen thieves they have leading them.

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