Friday, August 5, 2011

Obama's America - In A Nutshell

During a recent lunch with daughter unit at a Subw*y, I saw a small incident that really epitomized Obama's vision of America - the America he is well on his way to creating, the America he thinks is utopia.

African-American lady in her mid to late 20s walks in. She is dressed in business attire, and is carrying what appears to be her lunch in a sack. She walks directly to the cash register, bypassing the line of folks waiting for their sandwich orders. "Gimme a glass of water," she states to the lady behind the register. No 'please', no 'may I have' ...

Subw*y employee lady hands her a clear plastic cup, the one they use for water. "Gimme a lid," is the next demand. She is handed a lid, at which point she walks to the drink machine, fills the cup with ice and water, and walks out. No thank you for the employees, no recognition they did her a favor by providing her a drink without her purchasing anything.

Here you have a person who thought she was entitled to walk in and demand that someone else provide them something without paying anything for it, or even recognizing the effort to provide it to them. No recognition that Subw*y had spent money providing that cup of water to her - not much money, granted, but money nonetheless.

This is what Obama and his 'progressive' Democrats have created and continue to pursue in this country. An attitude borne by about half of the citizens (and non-citizens) that they are entitled to receive money, goods, and services without charge. An attitude, a way of life that tells them that if its free to them, they don't care who pays for it.

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