Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Republican Hero of the Day

Meet. Rep Mo Brooks(R-AL)

Rep. Brooks delivers the best bitch slap smackdown I've seen in a long time to MSNBC bubblehead know-it-all Contessa Brewer on live TV. Ms. Brewer was attempting, in a snotty smart-assed way, to educate Rep. Brooks on the intracies of our economic situation. She is such an airhead that she doesn't even realize she's been cut off at the knees ...

Rep. Brooks graduated from Duke University in 3 years, with dual degrees in political science and ecomonics (highest available honors in economics). He got his law degree from the University of Alabama.

Ms. Brewer has a broadcast journalism degree from Syracuse University, and something called a Certificate of Contemporary Europe for studying politics at some instutution in Strasbourg, France - according to her official MSNBC bio page.

Take that, Beeotch!

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Anonymous said...

Loved it!