Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serves Congress Right!

Everyone's heard about Roger Clemons, Steroids, and Congress.

The judge presiding over Clemon's perjury trial declared a mistrial on Day 2. The prosecution ignored the judge's order, and presented evidence to the jury that had been ruled inadmissable. This was either gross incompletence on the prosecutor's part, or they did it on purpose to end this sham of a trial. I don't know which ... we'll see when the government decides whether to retry the Rocket.

I don't know if Clemons did steroids or not. Probably so, given what we've heard. I don't care. It's up to MLB to deal with this, if they care to. It's up to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to file charges against Clemons if he is accused of anything specifically illegal involving steroids.

My question is why the hell was Congress involved?

The answer is the Spanish Inquisition mentality that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) took with his precious committee chairmanship, given to him by Nancy Pelosi after Dems took control of Congress in 2006. Waxman went through a laundry list of people and organizations he wanted to attack, and he used his position and committee to do it with.

His tactic was to drag people in to testify on a given subject, and then try to trap the poor suckers into saying something wrong. First thing you know, the 'criminal' is being hauled up on perjury charges for lying to Congress. Didn't matter if the subject was actually accused of committing a crime, Waxman worked them around into a position where he could charge them.

All Waxman did was cause a lot of people trouble, and waste a lot of Congress' time and taxpayer's money carrying out his personal vendettas. It was a gross abuse of power, and a textbook example of official oppression. He ought to be hauled in front of a judge and jury, and found guilty of stealing from the American public.

How many millions of our dollars have been wasted on this? Three years of investigations, 100 law enforcement officers involved, ruining a man's finances and reputation ... and for what? So the Waxman Inquisition can hang a skin on his wall?

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