Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Perfect Jerry Jones Cowboy

Meet Dez Bryant. He is a professional football player, an up and coming star receiver drafted in the frist round last year by the Dallas Cowboys. He showed signs of brilliance in his rookie season, which was unfortunately marred by being injured a lot. I think he played less than half a season.

Dez was one of the premier receivers in the 2010 draft, but slipped down to where the Cowboys could get to him. You see, he had been suspended for his entire senior year at Oklahoma State University, because he lied to the NCAA about having contact with Deion Sanders during his junior year. There was apparently nothing wrong with the contact itself, Dez just lied about it because he'd get in trouble - and he did.

Anyway, he came to Dallas with high hopes, and pledges to run the straight and narrow.

Oops ... the wheels have fallen off.

A couple of weeks ago, Bryant got in trouble at a local upscale mall. He and some of his homies were hanging around. A couple of security guards asked him to pull his pants up or leave - you see, he was acting like a juvie gang member, with his pants down around his knees and ass hanging out. He got very vocal and belligerent, and was issued a citation and banned from the mall. Crap ensued, cries of racism from local black leaders, and poof - he is no longer banned, and the mall has to issue an apology.

As this played out, it came to light that Bryant is being sued by multiple people. The owners of a house he stayed in for a year at OSU sought $3500 for unpaid rent and damages in a suit filed in January of 2010. (That is in itself quite a statement - if he had been a normal student rather than football star, he would have been kicked out of the house after the first month of missed rent!)

Bryant allegedly bought $203,500 worth of jewelry during 2009, while at OSU, on credit against his future contract. He has allegedly not paid for it, and is being sued.

Bryant allegedly bought almost $600,000 worth of jewelry and sports tickets from someone else, also on credit against his future earnings, also not paid for, and also being sued for non-payment.

Sources with knowledge claim that Bryant was fined almost $100,000 for being late to multiple meetings in his first year with the Cowboys. He has been assigned a driver to get him from his home to the practice facility on time.

Bryant makes millions of dollars, most of it guaranteed, a year, for playing a game. From what I have read, he had a hard upbringing, but I really don't think that is an excuse for acting this way. If he wasn't a big football star, I bet these would be criminal theft complaints against him, not civil lawsuits just seeking payment.

Someone on the Cowboys better slap some sense into this guy, or he will end up being another lost cause. Someone in his family, or his friends, better shake him out of this, or he's going to be one big train wreck.

Just another overpaid, physically talented, brain dead idiot. He will end up like most NFL players in his category - broke and deadbeat after receiving millions of dollars and pissing it all away.

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