Friday, March 18, 2011

AOL Goes To Hell ... Part Deaux

A strike is being carried out by Huffington Post writers/contributors. They are pissed off that they haven't been paid, in the wake of the AOL buyout. I've read conflicting info, some folks are pissed because they weren't paid for contributions and work they had performed for pay, others (volunteer contributors) are pissed that they didn't receive anything from the buyout.

Huffington herself pocketed a huge wad of cash in the deal, 18-20 million, and is pulling a 4 million annual salary from AOL.

The goobers who wrote the vile crap that filled her blog's pages are now upset they didn't get rich as well.

This deal exposed Huffington as the fraud she is. Supposed to be a champion of progressive causes, leader of the fight 'for the everyday person', staunch anti-Wall St. - hard core liberal through and through. But, how does that jive with pocketing a fotrune based upon the work of others? How does she reconcile the fact that she didn't sign all that money over to poor people to help even the gap between those who have and those who don't?

This strike exposes the goobers for what they are - greedy capitalists. God, how they must hate that. All this socialist equality, money means nothing, everyone should be equal, government should provide everything rhetoric they have been spewing for her flies in the face of their real nature - they are greedy and want some money.

It's a good lesson for all of us on the nature of liberalism and its leadership here in this country. The liberal elites are just capitalists (hard core capitalists) who spit out a bunch of lies to get the common man to give them their loyalty and money.

This is good ... I needed a laugh today!

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