Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Ms. Obama - Butt The F*** Out Of My Life

I read today, as I have for months, where all kinds of left leaning organizations are swooning over Michelle Obama's attempts to fight obesity in this country. Mainstream media is losing control of itself (as if it had any control in the first place) trying to heap praise on her.

I have a different take on it.

Dear Ms. Obama, mind your own business.

First, I want to state that I believe obesity is a very big (pardon the pun) problem in this country. The new norm is to be overweight. The supposed reasons for this are many, but pretty much boil down to what we eat and what we don't do (exercise). I am overweight. It is my fault. it is not a disease. It is not a social problem. It is my problem, one that is up to me to correct, if I choose to do so.

The far left in this country believes I am incapable of making that decision. They must take action because I can't make an informed decision. I am not as smart as they are - they know best for me. They will decide how much fat a restaurant serves me. They will decide how much salt I use. They will punish me through taxation if I choose to drink something that has sugar in it. They will monitor my weight through the use of electronic medical records and sharing, and the government monitoring provided for by Obamacare. I truly believe that they will consider my weight in the future when their agencies decide what medical treatments I am approved to have.

Ms. Obama - you can't even control your husband. He smokes, drinks, and grabs a greasy cheeseburger whenever he gets the chance. Hell, his first act as President was to direct the staff of Air Force One to cook him a cheesebuger and fries (recorded for a Discovery Channel special on the airplane). You can't stop him from doing it, and he's your husband, for God's sake ... What in the hell makes you qualified to threaten/regulate/control our entire society if you can't even keep your own family in line?

If you wish to use your position to educate our country, to inform them of the dangers of our weighty situation, that would be great. As First Lady, you have a wonderful platform to do it.

However, when you have made a crusade out of how the government is going to take control over what we eat and how we eat it, you have gone way too far.

Back off ...

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