Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Democrats Think I'm A Reliable Source?????

For those of you who skip on over to the military side of this blog occasionally, you will remember my posting about the Alaska based F-22 that crashed back in November:

Well, my posting became a reference for a couple of far left wing kook blogs, and Bloggers over there selectively used portions of my post to bolster their arguments that the crash was an environmental disaster rivaling the Exxon Valdez. Looking at their rants, you would have thought that the entire Alaskan countryside was a nuclear wasteland, and that every creature within 500 miles of the site was going to die a slow horrible death.

What horseshit.

In any case, imagine the surprise of their readers who clicked on the link to my blog, and they got dropped right into the middle of Conservative Hell. I hope they all caught the 'Ghost of Reagan' virus ...

I went through their blog postings that were applicable, and a lot of the responses their faithful spit back. I was curious. So much compassion for the little critters, so much concern over the wilderness ... yet absolutely no ... I repeat NO ... mention or condolences for the pilot who lost his life, or for the wife and two small children he left behind. These oxygen thieves held a mosquito in higher regard than a hero who gave his life for our country, and his family.

Says a lot about the values of the far left in our country, I think.

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BadVooDooDaddy said...

Isn't it amazing how others can take what we write and spin it to their liking. Being Retired military, it makes me sick that they seem to be more worried about some damn frozen wasteland than an honorable soldier of our country. I am not for destruction of our wilderness but our defenders of the faith are far more important than some damn land in the middle of nowhere. Guys have some decency.