Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Economy Is Doing Great!!!!

The Economy is on the rebound.

Jobs are being created.

The recession is over.

We're moving forward.

It's all due to Democrat policies.

Get ready to be bombarded with crap like this. From this summer through next year's elections, we will be subjected to a constant flow of lies from Democrats about how great things are. Why?

Think back to 2003/2004. The economy was in pretty decent shape, considering the hit we took on 9/11. President Bush's tax cuts really helped head off a major decline. The recession we were in, which had started in 1999 under Clinton, had bottomed out, and there was real progress being made. Things really weren't bad.

In step the Democrats. They need a message. So, the economy is all gloom and doom. They spend the next two years talking the economy into the toilet. It works, and they win both houses of Congress in 2006. They continue the blast of crap. Even though they control Congress and how money is spent by the government, they still talk down the economy, it's all Bush's fault, and we end up with Obama in 2008.

Problem is, the economy by that time really is in the toilet, due in no small part to their constant bashing. They figure that once Obama is in office, it will instantly turn around just because they are now in charge of everything.

It doesn't. Things get worse, much worse. Now it is due to actual Democrat policies, not just their trash talk. They try to reverse their speaking, try to talk their way out of the recession. Doesn't work.

Now Obama and his minions own this economy. No matter how much they try to continue to blame Bush, the majority of folks who actually vote know the truth. This scares the crap out of them. They got pasted in the mid-term elections, and they know they will lose further. They will probably lose the White House in 2012 unless the economy turns around quickly.

Now, they begin a campaign to convince voters that everything is getting better. All we have to do is give them some more time in office, in control, and we'll be back in utopia in no time.

They are manipulating facts and figures. Remember that the jobless rate fell to 9.8% last month. Well, no one is falling for that. How can the jobless rate fall when jobs are still being lost by the hundreds of thousand each month? How can it fall when job losses far outpace jobs created? Because they monkey with the numbers.

It was just announced that they number of those folks filing for unemployment benefits fell last month. It was spread all over the mainstream meda as great news - Obama's plans were working! Never mind that it was really very bad news - all it meant that the number of first time filers had dropped slightly - there were still several hundred thousand jobs lost, it just wasn't quite as many as the month before. Is that a recovery? Not really ...

Dem talking heads have stated that Obama needs unemployment to be at 8.00% in order to assure reelection.

Fair warning to you all. You are going to hear more lies, spin, and twisted numbers in the next 18 months than at any time in our nation's history.

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